Short-Form News
My Philosophy: There are a number of challenges associated with short-form visual content, yet I have managed to master what is perhaps the greatest: creating visual consistency with the least amount of images. I managed to overcome this by looking at the tens, occasionally hundreds of provided images and sorting them into a variety of categories depending on the feelings I wanted the story to convey. In this case, the feeling of uncertainty, combined with that of being overwhelmed with emotion. Chinese city dwellers had been in quarantine for months before the Lunar New Year, and I wanted to incorporate their feelings of being nervous about COVID-19 and excited to see their families again after potentially years of separation. 
My Philosophy: During my tenure as a staff Visual Editor with The Columbia Missourian, I had the privilege of working with several talented photographers and implementing their beautiful images into a multitude of mediums. I find print, in particular, to be rewarding. There's nothing like seeing a piece you helped compose on display at the next morning's newsstands. While each story is different, I find that finding visually compelling focal points is at the core of selecting images for print. A photo should be able to draw the eye, yet also lend a hand to the story. Images are critical parts of storytelling and serve as the first impression. Along with daily issues of the paper, I supervised the Visual Editing of 'Boomtown' a special issue focusing on the diverse, working population of Columbia.
Long-Form News
My Philosophy: In understanding just how to long-form a visual news story, I find it's critical to work with the photographer on an intimate level. Allowing them to make decisions independently, yet also sitting with them as they upload and tag their photographs. Giving them the chance to reflect upon why they are attracted to certain pictures over others is critical for a multitude of reasons; the most important of which is allowing them to understand that their efforts are central to the publication. As an editor, I not only give my support but also my concerns and try to come to a settlement. My job is just as much about compromise as it is about creating a good visual story.
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