March 1, 2020, is a day that signaled a massive shift in the city of New York. It was then, that New York City confirmed its first case of Coronavirus. Since then nearly 35,000 New Yorkers have died of COVID-19. Those with the wherewithal left the city as millions remained in the confines of their homes. After 401 days, New Yorkers over 16 were permitted to receive the long-awaited vaccine, yet their troubles were far from over. The process of grieving for those lost was combined with the task of having to relearn the standards of an in-person society. The feeling of joy was combined with a feeling of trepidation as cases occasionally were diagnosed. And in the end, the feeling of often being overwhelmed took hold. From May until August of 2021, I photographed various moments in New York City and Northern New Jersey, in an attempt to process not only my feelings but the sentiments of those around me. Much like the attacks on September 11, 2001, two decades ago, New York City’s resilience was tested yet the perseverance of New Yorkers won out.

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